How To Make Money By Using Your iPhone, iPod and iPad (Featurepoints)

Featurepoints is an application which is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad . By downloading sponsored apps via Featurepoints you can collect points for each app and  you can redeem these points as paypal money, amazon gift cards, or paid apps!

Let me give  some examples of rewards:

So, if i succeeded in attractin your attention with these rewards,let me tell you how you are gonna sign in to Featurepoints!

Step 1:
Go to featurepoints on your device (IOS) and click "Sign in",then  write PJMJ5N as reference code section when you are signing in.  
(Note: This reference number will give you additionally 50 points at the beginning,i had also started my account with a reference code)

 Step 2:

Then give permission to Featurepoints to set up a profile in order to track your sponsored app downloads.

Step 3:

From now on the identifies your IOS Device! You can go with Safari and start earning points, which you can redeem as wide range of rewards. You can earn points by downloading apps which are offered in the "Get Points" section. Once you have downloaded these apps, it is enough to open the app and use it for 30-60 secs and close it. Check whether the points are added or not to your account. If the points are added you can delete the app if you don't want to use it any more.

Step 4 :

These "App Offers" in Featurepoints differs from country to country, so in order to display more apps and earn more points you have to download a VPN Software!

I used lots of them actually,but at the beginning, I recommend you to download "Vpn One Click", since there are lots of VPNs of alternative countries in these app. More countries means more apps and more points, as you can guess. 

Generally, these VPN softwares in Apple Store are free trials for one week. But do not be scared, since there lots of VPN softwares on Apple Store, you can search them just writing "VPN" on Apple Store's search. Buying these softwares is another option when you consider that you can easily earn 5$ per day by Featurepoints, whereas these apps are sold 10$ at maximum.

I prefer redeeming my points as PayPal Checks. You can see some examples below. 5$ checks are from Featurepoints which corresponds 3000 points. PayPal charges 0.5$ for each check whereas does not.(PayPal account is in my own language)

     I have tried to do my best to introduce these method to you guys :) If you have "any" questions feel free to ask me in the comments section!  

    And do not forget to write PJMJ5N as reference code in order to start your journey with +50 points and appreciate my effort :) 

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