is featurepoints safe

Yes it is. This is not only me saying but my members (100000+) say this is as well. It is now one of the best opportunity to download paid apps for free without any strings attached other than just installing their sponsored apps to get enough points or credits whatever you call it then redeeming amazing prizes. And also winning iTunes gift is the easiest I found on this program(Featurepoints). The requirements to redeeming is also pretty reasonable like they ask us not that much points to be collected to get it. (So it is reasonable, to attract more users of iOS)

The best way to download and install paid apps for free on your iPod touch is listed below.
I have personally tried many dozens of other methods online but this one just proves to be the best one and keeps my faith over the internet that contains some legit stuff.
Go here on your iPhone or iPod touch or iPad or iPad mini:


Now When it opens follow the instructions: Well they are self-explanatory


  1. Yes, it is 100% safe. you can also use referral code FZK6A0 for bonus points

  2. If you want 50 bonus points, use this link: or referral code OU44T4

  3. FeaturePoints is very safe, but it is also very slow. If you are on a smart device, go here and/or use this referral code when you sign up for 50 points as soon as you start>>> 9Y8Z1N

  4. FeaturePoints is an app that allows users to collect points by downloading and trying apps. These points can be exchanged for great rewards, like iTunes cards, Amazon gift cards, PayPal funds, iPad Mini’s, and much more. FeaturePoints is able to do this because the apps you download are paying to be featured, and some of that profit is passed to the users of the app. You can easily start earning a lot in a short period of time. Contests on their Facebook page and Twitter accounts, and contests in-app allow you to win even more rewards, like a PlayStation 4, or large amounts of points.

    You can click this link to start earning:

    You can find the site yourself, and type in the code “8U384Q” when signing up to gain 50 bonus points

    And you can visit this website to learn more about FeaturePoints:

    Happy earning!

  5. Hey guys i can say from my experience that FeaturePoints its a legit money maker app! i love it and it works for me! Use the code KSBTQ8 as a referral code when singing-up and you will receive 50 BONUS POINTS! If you guys want any tips on how to use it properly contact me on Twitter Instagram @kevinmenchaca or my email THANKS GUYS! :D

  6. Use Feature Points, is an free app for iOS and android. Users download free apps for points and these points can be exchanged for rewards like PayPal funds, Amazon gift cards, iPad Mini and more! It`s legit and is working, use this link and you will receive immediately 50 points for it! You can make serious money, but you need to be pacient and have time! Good luck ! My referal code: 7MWB4H

  7. Feature Points is one of the safest and best apps to use.

    Thanks for a wonderful article.

  8. it really works!! use this referral code for extra points! SSDT93

  9. Seems legit. 6000 points for 10$ itunes gift card seems a bit high, but doable. It's something to do while you have time to kill in line or at a coffee shop. Use this code to win TCSNGT




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