What is FeaturePoints.com?

What is FeaturePoints?

It is downloading sponsard apps from them to get rewards and prizes. It is basically pointing to gaining much points to win rewards & Featurepoints hackprizes like iTunes gift cards 5$,10$,15$,50$,100$, Paypal Funds, Amazon Gift cards, appstore paid apps, iPad, iPad mini


Earn real rewards for trying new apps – introducing FeaturePoints. Download apps for points, and swap points for awesome prizes. FeaturePoints


featurepoints glitchEarn real rewards for trying new apps – introducing FeaturePoints. Download apps for points, and swap points for awesome prizes including Amazon.com and iTunes gift cards, paid apps and PayPal payments. Go to featurepoints.com on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to start earning rewards today.
Here is the glitch:
1. Install this application from appstore “Vpn One Click Professional” link: Click here to download from itunes
2. Don’t open the installed application. Open Cydia and find “UDID Faker” and install it up.
3. Now after installing UDID Faker open the Vpn One Click app and click on 7 days trial.
4. It will install a profile on your iOS device then after this.
5. Go to settings and you will notice VPN bar. Go to it, choose which country you want to change your Vpn.
6. After fully connecting to it, go to Safari and then go to your featurepoints.com/r/PJMJ5N. Now click on “Get Points”
7. You will get more and more applications to install and get more points. I get 2200 points every day.
The reason I told you to install UDID Faker is that when your 7 days trail expires then just open the installed UDID faker application and change the UDID of “Settings” and “VPN one click” app.
After doing this open VPN One Click and you will see that 7 days trial option is again available. And so you can do this for infinite times.
Guide to avail this service is down here:
  1. Go here on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/iPad mini Tap here
  2. Then The website will ask to register first to use it.
  3. Click on register
  4. Then click on lets go. (it is pretty simple, instructions are present on the website as well)
  5. Then on your iOS device it will ask you to install a Profile.
  6. Click on install and then you will get redirected towards Featurepoints.

To good to be true!

Is FeaturePoints safe?

Of course, FeaturePoints collects virtually no information about you. It’s run by an amazing group of people who want to make people happy, and give away as many rewards as they can while making sure the program stays financially viable.

How long does it take to earn a reward?

It’s possible to begin earning rewards in just a few minutes. I personally believe that FeaturePoints is the best program that does this type of thing. There are many different programs like this, but FeaturePoints stands out above the rest.

How does FeaturePoints make money?

Advertisers pay FeaturePoints to have there apps/games featured. FeaturePoints takes a small percentage of that for profit, they use the rest to give epic rewards to there users!

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