How to Install .deb File [iPhone/iPod/iPad Cydia Tutorial]

How to Install .deb File [iPhone/iPod/iPad Cydia Tutorial]

How to Install .deb File [iPhone/iPod/iPad Cydia Tutorial]
3 Methods to install a .deb file  into your iOS (iPhone (3G/3Gs/4), iPod touch (3G/4G), iPad and iPad 2); Choose the easier 
method  for you (Applicable to iOS 4.0+/ iOS 5.0 +):

1st Method: AutoInstallation [Recommended]

  1. Download iFunbox >> ( Windows , or Cyberduck for MacOS
  2. Download desired (.deb) file to your desktop
  3. Run iFunbox and connect your iOS (iPhone, iPod or iPad)
  4. iFunBox will show your device contents, Now navigate to var/root/Media/
  5. Create the folder Cydia/AutoInstall (if not already created)
  6. Move (.deb) file from your desktop to var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall
  7. Reboot your iOS

2nd Method: Install with iFile [Recommended]

iFile the only requirement
  1. Download iFunbox >> ( Windows , or Cyberduck for MacOS
  2. Download desired (.deb) file to your desktop
  3. Run iFunbox and connect your iOS (iPhone, iPod or iPad)
  4. iFunBox will show your device contents, Now navigate to any folder for example:  var/mobile/Documents
  5. Move (.deb) file from your desktop to var/mobile/Documents
  6. Run iFile from your iOS, and navigate to the same folder i.e. var/mobile/Documents
  7. Click on (.deb) file and select install
TIP : I can not SSH into my iPhone/iPod/iPad!
  • I can not find var/root?
  • I can not SSH into my iPhone/iPad?
  • I have jailbroken device, my SSH client is discovering my iPhone/iPad as (JAILED)?
>> Install OpenSSH from Cydia, reboot, then try again.
>> If you still having problems>> Install afc2add from Cydia then reboot.

3rd Method: Install with Mobile Terminal

Requirements: Mobile Terminal and OpenSSH
“Steps 2 and 3 are only if you have never installed a .deb file with this method”
  1. Download the .deb file you want (example : LockInfo)
  2. Start Cydia, go to “Search”, type “Mobile Terminal” and install it
  3. Repeat step 2 for “OpenSSH”
  4. Start “MobileTerminal”
  5. Type the following commands , then reboot:
su  (press return)
alpine  (press return)  /!\ You won’t see the typed password then don’t worry /!\
dpkg -i nameofpackage.deb  (press return, replace nameofpackage with LockInfo for the example)
Note that you can rename the .deb file like 1.deb (it’s easier to type)


  1. Does this work with out a jailbreak?

    1. No. If your device is not jailbroken, you do not have access to var/root. Cydia/Autoinstall is a part of the jailbreak.

  2. Hi,,

    My device is new

    Its ipad mini wifi

    I do not want to jailbreak it

    and I want to install Whatsapp

    and to make my device support whatsapp

    I want to install whatspad_0.0.2.deb FILE ON TO MY IPAD WIFI

    For installing that if I go with 1st method above

    will It work

    as my device is not jailbroken
    and I also do not want to jailbreak it
    I just want to insatll this .deb file

    so that I can make my device compatible for whatsapp

    Please answer my question.

    1. You try the 1st method but if the app says that it isn't compatible with iPad mini then it won't open instead it will crash most likely.

    2. hello my device in iphone 5 with IOS7

      how to install ifunbox

    3. Download vshare.. You can install whattsapp without jail breaking...

  3. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Good morning! This instruction don't work with iOS 7.x !!!!

    1. ok afc2add is the new trick

  5. after installing afc2add you have access to var/root.
    but still cracked apps wont work on ios7.x, if anyone found the solution, please post

    1. just search for appsync ios 7 in Cydia, install it and you're good to go..

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