Free ios no jailbreak

As for the sake of reality and honesty downloading and installing cracked and paid applications ( apps ) in iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and other iOS devices is what everyone one wants obviously but it is not possible if we look it in a legal perspective. Who is saying to operate legally unless laws and regulations were written as a permanent and permitted to human beings in all cases? So that’s where people come up like “ hackers “ aka programmers and provide us with a back door which leads to satisfying all our evident wants!

JUST SKIP TO THE END if you are allergic to reading common sense ->  

As I am here writing all this talking about other people, you guys must be thinking where is the gold as the obvious minds roaming and browsing the internet while living a life making it full of stuff which were for free.

THE GOLD disadvantages: so yeah I came across and also earned a lot of booty from this method while the millions used it as well! Now jailbreaking or programming into iOS 7 or iOS 6.1.3 to just open the back door which can lead to low RAM, no possibilities of new updates for cracked apps, buggy interface, warranty voiding and more possibilities of losing your privacy while installing third party applications on your iOS device.

Now just follow my method which actually doesn't put thousands of strings attached with it when users use it. I have used it for like 4 months and already have earned $120 worth amazon funds and also $80 iTunes gift cards. All the gold disadvantages I listed above (just forget about them).

Now you will have to just put some hard work and put out yourself out there. You will need like $200-600 to start with to buy an iOS device. Next is all so damn easy that you will say “I can bloody take advantage of this company”! I know downloading applications to earn credits and accumulate enough to earn some fuel is kind of hectic, that’s where I come in to argue! Well it is kind of telling you that what is obvious and true, the accumulation process is no longer than 1 day to download 2-4 top paid apps for FREE!

Method:1.When you open the link by clicking on this "TAP HERE" button. So this will appear >>>>>>>
Click on "Start Now"

2.Now this will appear. Click on "Download to start earning".>>>

3.After that. It will install "Flickpoints" in your iDevice.
Now after it installs fully, then open it.

4.When it opens fully after loading some stuff. Then click on "Open FeaturePoints" button.

5. Now you are done. When it opens, start earning points quick and redeeming apps or gift cards of paypal, itunes, BestBuy, xbox live and amazon.

So "TAP HERE guysto get started :)

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